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About Us

Siliconchip Technologies was started in the year 2017 with the aim of delivering world-class IC Design solutions to the customers. We are a young team, and we are committed to the development of solutions that can make a huge difference to the client's requirements. Our Supply Chain and Value Engineering systems are so strong that they would offer you the best quality product at best possible price adding a considerable amount of value in the services we offer. Through our advanced Chip Based solution, we were able to build long-lasting relationships with top-notch clients in the market.

We rely on five pillars of our company including

Skilled Manpower

Our Engineers and technicians are highly skilled and have the competency to deliver a most complex solution in record time and with extremely accurate precision. We train our manpower continuously and help them get acquainted with the trends in the industry.

Customised Solutions

Our team of analysts and application engineers spent a good quantum of time in understanding a client’s requirements, before proposing a solution. Such efforts save us time and enable us to project the right costing for the client’s projects. We customise our solutions to meet the client’s needs which have helped us maintain excellent rapport with our customers. Our pricing model can be completely or partially tailored as per the client’s requirements which have helped us stay afloat and maintain the profitability of operations

Project Management

We respect and value a client’s project, their time and the criticality of processes. Hence, we ensure that have Project Management mechanisms to meet tight deadlines of a client. Our project team acts as a conduit between the client and the development teams to ensure seamless communication and maintain adherence to the committed deadlines.


We have a bank of tools and highly trained men who have the capability of producing cutting-edge solutions to the complex of applications. Through our dedicated Engineering and Design teams, we were able to deliver challenging solutions to clients around the globe consistently. We facilitate and encourage a mechanism of open communication through which members from cross-functional teams communicate and solve problems that may arise during various stages of design and development.


Our solutions are tested and are projected to withstand adverse problems that may crop up during the implementation stages. Our quality team is well equipped to anticipate problems that arise during design and the execution stages and hence come up with the roadmap that would change the course of action. We have a verifiable track record of delivering solutions that are par excellence and completely in line with the expectations of the client.
We promise our clients service delivery of exceptional customer service and the ability to deliver solutions within stipulated deadlines.
Please do get in touch with us in case if you require any further inputs concerning what we offer.